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Certinvest Monetar – Money market fund* (Fund Certinvest Tezaur is former fund Monetar, which changed its name on March 1st 2012.) Certinvest Tezaur is a money market fund* which aims at offering investors high liquidity for their savings, protecting them, at the same time, from the negative effects of inflation. The Fund invests mainly in bank deposits and fixed income instruments, such as municipal and corporate bonds, treasurz bills, thus preserving, in real terms, investors’ short term savings. Check out the current structure of  Certinvest Tezaur.

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Fund Certinvest Tezaur is addressed to natural persons and companies who wish to manage their short term savings. Certinvest Tezaur suits you if:

  • You are willing to take only very low risk
  • You want a profitable alternative to your current account

The benefits of investing in Certinvest Tezaur:

Read the fund prospectus before investing in this fund. Past performance is not a guide for future one. The ISIN Code for fund Certinvest Tezaur is ROFDIN0000W1 * According to EFAMA fund classification standards.

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